Olympic Phyllostachys Yu Yu driving rapid increases in prices - Olympic Phyllostachys jade market - Jewelry Industry
Beijing Olympic medals in the traditional metal license for the first time the creative use of jade in China, very Chinese characteristics. Olympic medal design originally came out, Xinjiang and nephrite, jade Nanyang, Henan Province, Liaoning Xiuyan, Qinghai and other parts of the Kunlun jade jade jade varieties involved in the Olympic medal race, eventually come to the fore in Qinghai Kunlun jade, was formally identified as the 2008 Beijing Olympic medals with jade, Kunlun jade Ltd is provided free of charge to the Beijing Olympic medals made of jade materials needed. It is understood that corporate donations jade?? Qinghai Kunlun Jade Co., Ltd. has been stationed in Beijing Tian Ya Antique, franchise Kunlun jade.

Ru hometown ceramics industry is developing rapidly
Ru produced in Yu Chau

Mr Yu: Northern Entrepreneurs wife should marry the South - Mr Yu - Education Industry
Yabuli 10th annual meeting of Chinese Entrepreneurs Forum, February 26, 2010 -3 1, held on the theme: Yabuli 10 years? Entrepreneurial thinking ability. The picture shows Chinese Entrepreneurs Forum member Mr Yu. Liangbin She

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